Software Development

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The LDA Development Company is dedicated to software development. We develop systems for companies across the United States, both for their internal use and for retail sale. We employ RAD (Rapid Application Development) and CQI (Continual Quality Improvement) theory, incorporating object-oriented code, relational databases, and application server programs.

We specialize in innovation beyond limitations. We pride ourselves in niche software solutions that get systems to talk -- we make disparate systems communicate with each other, whether those systems are server-to-desktop, internet-to-browser, server-to-browser, or computer-to-user ... we use technology to create real solutions.

We have developed custom software solutions for large national companies as well as dozens of smaller companies and individuals. On time. On budget. Exceeding customer expectations. We have a knack for software development and pride ourselves in finding ways to do what others have said can't be done. We never confuse "hard" with "impossible".